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Chammi is a little fractured from within: Sajal – Daily Times

Like a breath of fresh air, Sajal Aly’s character Chammi is a beautiful fusion of headstrong and joyful. Her will and dominance makes her one of the deepest characters that the audience have seen so far in drama serial ‘Aangan’. Being a force to reckon with, Sajal Aly has done complete justice to the character as she infuses Chammi with the perfect expanse of backbone and drive.

Chammi is the kind of character that the television screen separately needed. At a time where we see timid characters keeping quiet for the sake of family, Chammi is bursting with life and colour and is ready to conquer the world. Set in 1918 in India, ‘Aangan’ is a period play and watching Aly break the mould with her character Chammi is truly inspirational. At a time where girls where expected to stay quiet and obey the family values in olden days, Chammi comes back with full force and is not afraid to speak her heart.

Starting right from learning how to fight for herself at an early age to being vocal about her feelings, Aly inoculates an impeccable amount of raw emotions and opinions into this incredible character. The capacities of shades we see to her character are unequivocally astounding and each one has been performed with absolute finesse. She is loud but refreshing, sarcastic but humorous, broken but witty, helpful and genuine, neglected and heartbroken; each element that we see to Chammi interprets the true strength that this character has despite belonging to a broken past.

Talking further about her character, Aly said, “Chammi is a contrast. There is a lot to her that you see – but that’s not really her. Often there are some characters that are who they seem from the first glance but Chammi is not like that. She is a little fractured from within, despite her bubbly persona she is in fact quite the opposite from what we see. She masks her failures and fears with the outwardly courage and intensity that seem to define her – but are not really who or what she is.”

Portraying the true mark of an excellent artist, Aly performs Chammi with rising sentiments and true zest. Every emotion played on screen through Chammi hooks the audience in and makes them feel the profundities of passion this girl senses in her life. Her motivation drives her to work hard and even learn English as she was denied education in the house she lives in. Chammi’s setbacks in life do not stop her; they eventually make her strong and resilient to withstand anything thrown her way.

Chammi’s character carries a vast range of complex emotions that are layered and convoluted in their own way. Instead of being heartbroken about her situation we see Chammi getting stronger and chuckling in the face of hardship, as she is not the one to sit and sulk around.

With her bewitching smile and witty retaliations, Aly makes Chammi an impeccable delight to watch in every way.

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