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When Your Child Gets Sick on a Plane and Needs a Doctor

For children with pulmonary or cardiac problems, Dr. Rotta said, the atmosphere in an airplane can be stressful, dry and with a lower than usual oxygen concentration. There were also four lap infants — children under 2 traveling without seats of their own — without any known medical problems who …

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The Temporary Memory Lapse of Transient Global Amnesia

A diagnosis of exclusion: Transient global amnesia, often called T.G.A. It is a temporary lapse in memory that can never be retrieved. “It’s as if the brain is on overload and takes a break to recharge,” Dr. Brockington said in an interview. She likened it to rebooting a computer to …

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Day Care Directors Are Playing Doctor, and Parents Suffer

But a lot of pink eye is caused by viruses, which are unaffected by antibiotics. Even when pink eye is caused by a bacterial infection, antibiotics have a limited effect. They slightly increase the chance that a child will feel better within two to five days. But there’s no promise …

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